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Merry Monday: "That's Dancing"

Little known fact about me: I've loved dancing since I was just a little kid. Never took any lessons, but my parents made sure I was well versed on the greatest dancers of the movies: Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Eleanor Powell, Vera Ellen, and oh so many more! I still recall bouncing around on our sofa, pretending I was Donald O'Connor doing "Make'm Laugh" from "Singing In The Rain". I squeezed my feet into my older cousins old tap shoes (I think she DID take dance lessons at one point) because I was desperate to dance like my movie musical favorites. And when I was in high school, I finally took dance classes, but they were more like elaborate cheer routines, but I loved it!

I thought we'd spend this week looking at some of my favorite movie dance routines.
We'll start with the film "That's Dancing", which celebrated the origins of dance on film. Below are the opening credits and the music video by Kim Carnes, who did the song for the closing credits.

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