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A Late Thank You

It seems as if from the date of my birthday last month, life has been super busy and overwhelming. Hardly any time to stop and think, much less get anything accomplished online. I'll spare you the details, but let's just say things were quiet and then it seemed like everything was happening at once! It's now culminated with me having an aching back every day for the past couple of weeks. Fun! Must be all the tension/stress.

Anyway...enough about me. This post is supposed to be about all of the wonderful people who left me lovely LJ posts & messages to wish me a happy birthday last June 13th.

cuddyclothes, dizzojay, jj1564, kalliel, alwaysateen, hezio2, stir_of_echoes casey28

Hope I was successful in thanking you all back and didn't miss anybody. Please let me know if I've omitted anyone. I don't deserve such wonderful people as my friends. ♥

Thank You For Your Warm Wishes

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Tags: birthdays, flist
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