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SPN To Resume Filming!

It's official (for now): SPN goes back to finish filming the last 2 episodes of Season 15 later this month. The actors are all preparing to head north to Vancouver again (no doubt early to be in quarantine for 2 weeks).

I'm happy the show will finally be filming it's finale, so we can eventually see it, but I'm hesitant about filming starting up so soon with COVID-19 still running wild here in the US and possibly in BC Canada (there's been issues w/people still having large gatherings w/no social distancing). As we've already seen with the recently started baseball season, anything can happen.

Most of all, I want the boys, all the actors, and the crew to be able to remain safe while still giving us the series finale they'd originally planned. I'd hate for us to lose anything due to restrictions because they wanted to hurry up and get it filmed. I'm personally willing to wait. It hasn't been pleasant waiting, but safety first in my book. Anyway, I wish them all the best of luck in finishing up filming.

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