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Video & Caps: GISH Sing-A-Long w/Kansas

Did anyone else get to watch this live yesterday? I thought I was going to miss it, but finally spotted where Misha was streaming it live on his youtube channel. So great to see Jensen & Jared there (in their respective Vancouver apartments, going thru their required quarantine before filming). Beards are still there and the flowing hair (loved the bit about them all riding the coattails of Jared's hair). Anyone else wonder if that was FB Beer Jensen was drinking? :P

There's a lot of caps here, but I did start with over 400. ;)

:: Cap Size: 1280x720 :: Cap Total: 378 :: Sample Caps: 54
:: No hotlinking, please! :: Credit me, raloria when taking/using/re-posting :: Comments are LOVE! ♥

View all the caps on SlickPic HERE.
Download a zipped folder of all 378 Caps: GISH SingALong Kansas 2020 - Caps by Raloria.zip - 192 MB

// Click to see caps full-sized //
These are just randomly-chosen sample caps. To view them all, use the links above.

GISHSingWKansas_004 GISHSingWKansas_010 GISHSingWKansas_018 GISHSingWKansas_025 GISHSingWKansas_030 GISHSingWKansas_037 GISHSingWKansas_047 GISHSingWKansas_053 GISHSingWKansas_058 GISHSingWKansas_068 GISHSingWKansas_072 GISHSingWKansas_081 GISHSingWKansas_086 GISHSingWKansas_095 GISHSingWKansas_100 GISHSingWKansas_109 GISHSingWKansas_113 GISHSingWKansas_124 GISHSingWKansas_128 GISHSingWKansas_137 GISHSingWKansas_142 GISHSingWKansas_151 GISHSingWKansas_156 GISHSingWKansas_165 GISHSingWKansas_170 GISHSingWKansas_179 GISHSingWKansas_184 GISHSingWKansas_193 GISHSingWKansas_198 GISHSingWKansas_208 GISHSingWKansas_214 GISHSingWKansas_222 GISHSingWKansas_225 GISHSingWKansas_236 GISHSingWKansas_242 GISHSingWKansas_247 GISHSingWKansas_254 GISHSingWKansas_261 GISHSingWKansas_269 GISHSingWKansas_277 GISHSingWKansas_284 GISHSingWKansas_290 GISHSingWKansas_296 GISHSingWKansas_302 GISHSingWKansas_310 GISHSingWKansas_319 GISHSingWKansas_324 GISHSingWKansas_334 GISHSingWKansas_338 GISHSingWKansas_347 GISHSingWKansas_352 GISHSingWKansas_361 GISHSingWKansas_367 GISHSingWKansas_373 

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