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Video & Caps: SPN S15 "Trouble" Promo

There was a surprise yesterday from the CW: a new SPN Season 15 Promo!!! As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to cap it! ;)

Dialog from the Video:

Sam: My entire life, you've protected me. It's the only thing I've ever known that was true.

Dean: This is everything! (I think this is what he says)

Sam: Our last chance.

Castiel: You fought for this whole world.

Jack: I'm supposed to kill God.

Woman: Boys.

Dean: Sounds like a roadtrip to me.

**** I'm so excited to see what happens!!!! :D ****
Why are the boys crying??? :(
Is Dean hurt in that shot of Cas helping him through the Bunker hallway?
That looks like the new young Dean...but why is he a ghost???
OMG What's under Dean's robe??? LOL
Is Jack locked up in the dungeon? Looks like he breaks free of some cuffs.

Btw...interesting how they incorporated some old shots of episodes in here: Pilot, Something Wicked, (Can't remember what ep Cas killing that angel is from), etc. and then some from this season's episodes.


NOTE: I've capped the onscreen text shots frame-by-frame because I saw people on Twitter speculating about seeing things in the flames - from an outline of Sam to symbols and words. I don't see anything much myself, but I'm open to possibilities.

:: Cap Size: 1920x1080 :: Cap Total: 230 :: Sample Caps: 32
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Download a zipped folder of all 230 Caps: SPN S15 Trouble Promo Caps by Raloria.zip - 130 MB

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