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Poll: I made too many caps!!! - Or did I?

Hiya folks!

The other night I capped Jensen's appearance on Mike Rosenbaum's Inside Of You podcast, which is now visual thanks to COVID-19. If you've seen the video/listened to the podcast, you know it runs at roughly an hour and a half. But I thought, well...a good chunk of that is Mike on screen. No worries! Ha!

I made over 2,000 caps.

Eeep! Now, to explain. I always take a few extra caps, especially when someone is moving around (and Jensen does move around!) just in case a cap is a little blurry. I wanna cover all the bases, so to speak. Well, in looking at my caps, there's hardly any blurry ones! Which is great...usually. But when there's over 2,000 caps? Not so much. I will also admit, that early in the video I was capping quite a bit. After a while, I got to noticing this and held myself back a little - not that it helped at all!

So here's my problem: I REALLY don't wanna sort through over 2,000 caps to get it down to a reasonable number. That's the honest truth. It's just the tedious part of capping. Now - if you REALLY want me to get the number of caps down...I will. It might take me a while, but I will.

Here be an example cap all fixed up as well as I can make it!
Now keep in mind that the exposure and the coloring on Jensen fluctuates throughout the video. So not every cap will look like this one.

// Click to view at full-size. //

It's up to you, my friends!
Now, just in case you're nervous - I've made it where only I can see the results. Please be honest!

Do you want me to get the cap count below 2,000 plus?

Yes, please!!!!
No, it's fine.
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