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More Jensen goodies...1 wallpaper & some screencaps

I've been feeling extra creative lately...so I've got some more pretty photos of Jensen. Just click on the thumbnails to see the full size images..

First up is a wallpaper I made, it's of Dean, of course! It's basically one of the season 2 promo photos that I mixed with various filters and effects in Photoshop. It's 1280 x 1024.

Feel free to take it and enjoy. Please comment and credit if you do so.

And just for the heck of it...I've got a few screencaps of Jensen in Dark Angel. These are from the episode "Borrowed Time" and were taken directly from the second season DVD set. So the first 3 are from the scenes with Alec and Asha at the Crash Bar. And the 4th...well...do you really need an explanation?

Btw, the first two screencaps here are inspired by this screencap from "Simon Said" provided by ExtremeFanGirl_ExtremeGraphix.

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