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My Review / Observations of "Simon Said"

It's a little late, but here (finally) is my review of last Thursday's SPN. I tried to keep it brief, but as usual, failed. It's not too long though. I just find that once I start on an idea/theory about an episode, I have a hard time writing anything brief. Oh well...happy reading. And please leave a comment or two if you can.

We get a nice recap about Sam, is abilities, and the other "children like him", such as Max. It was a nice way to review a lot of the elements involving Sam and the Demon. And Kripke teases us again by showing John whispering in Dean's ear from "In My Time Of Dying". Grrrr! It's so frustrating not knowing what he told Dean. If we don't find out before the series takes it's break for the holidays, I think I'll scream.

Okay, I have to ask this, because no one else has (that I know of)...why have the doctor go into the sporting goods store in order to kill himself? The bus was right there before he goes inside during the teaser. Why didn't Webber just have the doc step in front of the bus from the get-go? I know, I know...this way it sets it up for Sam to keep him out of the store only to have the doctor get killed anyway. Still, in reality it seems a little dumb.

"Rockin' Nebraska...your source for the classics all night long". Is it just me, or does that sound like Kripke's voice as the radio announcer?

While one could say this eppy is all about Sam and his visions and finding others who are like him, I think another strong element is how protective Dean is towards Sam. It's there from the beginning to the end. Like in the car as they're on their way to the Roadhouse, and Dean doesn't want to go there and have other hunters find out about Sam's abilities.

Jo flirts...and Dean avoids...good boy.

Dr. Badass! Lol! Love how quickly Dean turns away once NakedAsh opens the door!

I don't like how Jo is shamelessly flirting with Dean here. Too much girl. Take a hint. Dean's reaction to the REO Speedwagon song is great, though. He clearly recognizes the song (so he's heard it before), but of course, it's not his thing, or so he tells Jo. I love this exchange however, because Jensen delivered his line perfectly and it was very funny...

Jo: You're afraid of my mother?
Dean: I think so.

Yes! Dean...I mean Jensen singing! I kept thinking they should have Jensen sing again on the show. I was hoping it would happen, but I never imagined they'd do it! They made my wish come true! I love you Kripke! Thank you Jensen! And when Sam interrupted him, I was like "noooo! don't make him stop!". Oh, and while the first impression is that Dean is singing that song because Jo just played it at the bar, I think it's more likely that Dean's heard it before and secretly likes that song. How else would he know the words so well?

Ah, the boys in suits again. That's always nice. And these are new suits too. Different than the ones they wore in Something Wicked and Bloodlust.

I'm so distracted by the guy who plays Webber. He reminds me of Bradley Cooper in Alias. Weird, I know. He just sort of looks like him...to me anyway.

Love the conversation in the car! Love all the closeups, the lighting. Again...Dean denies any thoughts that Sam is a killer. He's protecting his image of Sam here. Doesn't want to admit (as we'll find out a little later) that he's afraid of what Sam might become. Meanwhile, he just keeps telling Sam that he's not like Max was. Love Jensen's subtle bit of acting at the end when Dean turns away from Sam and looks out the window. You know he's thinking about whatever John told him. That burden is getting heavier all the time.

Dean giving up the Impala so easily was hard to watch, but you do have to give him some slack...he was being mind controlled. "He full-on Obi-Waned me!" Lol! I love the Star Wars references!

Oh, I love Dean being back in full-on ProtectiveBigBrotherMode in this ep. Check out how he has his hand on Sam's back after the doc is killed by the bus. Awwww! I love that sort of stuff. Sam's really upset that he couldn't save the doctor and Dean is there to comfort him. *hugs Dean for being an awesome brother*

Love Dean's reaction of finding the Impala again..."Oh, I'm sorry baby. I'll never leave you again!". Dean loves that car so much and we love the car and we love that Dean loves the car. It's just one big lovefest!

Another great scene in the car! Sam's convinced Andy is a killer and Dean disagrees "cuz you're not right about this". I believe this is because he doesn't want to believe that Sam could end up a killer himself. They already know how Max ended up. And as Dean falls under Andy's mind control yet again and spills his thoughts and fears, Sam finally learns that Dean is secretly afraid of Sam's abilities and what could happen involving the Demon.

I love how Dean rushes to Sam's side when he has the vision about the woman setting fire to herself. And his "shut up!" to Andy was great! Dean seems much more concerned here about Sam's visions than he's been in the past. Before he would just ask Sam if he was alright. Though there was that one time when he rushed over to Sam in Nightmare, but that was because that was the first vision Sam had while he was awake. Now, with what Dean knows and his fears about Sam and the future, he is being very concerned with each one of Sam's visions. It's brotherly concern, yes, but I also think it's because Dean's afraid this whole situation with Sam's abilities is one thing that he can't control.

Even though Andy was right there with Sam when he had the vision about Holly burning herself, he doesn't believe Andy's innocent??? Seems a little odd to me. The guy was right there with you, Sam...and he wasn't on his cell phone pushing someone to torch themselves. At least Dean finally convinces him.

Andy saying, "These aren't the droids you're looking for." and then Dean's reaction, "Awesome!". Heehee! I love this show!

Andy's having a bad day...he finds out his birth mother has just been killed by his evil twin brother that he didn't even know about.

Example of poor location scouting in Vancouver: Oh yeah...there are lots of gigantic dams in Oklahoma surrounded by evergreen trees. Riiiiight. *Sigh*

ProtectiveDean again! He stops that car and runs around to get to Sam. Love it! Plus, the escallating Sams were great too.

Okay, another question...with all of Webber's mind control powers, why does he drive such a junky, broken down car??? That car sounds like it's on it's last legs and looks even worse. At least Andy had a cool looking van.

Did you notice how Sam uses his cast to hit Webber in the face? Nice! It comes in handy after all!

SniperDean is cool! SniperDean being mind controlled by Webber into turning the rifle on himself...so not cool. And how did Webber know Dean was up there anyway? Hmmm.

That look between the boys when Andy said that Tracy was scared of him now..it spoke volumes. Sam is probably worried that Dean is becoming afraid of him and Dean is probably thinking that he never wants to be afraid of Sam. He doesn't want that to happen...ever. So if he keeps telling himself and Sam that Sam is nothing like the other evil "special kids" than it won't happen. This even comes down to Dean's final words to Andy "you be good...or we'll be back." He wants to believe that Andy won't turn into a killer because that means there's still hope for Sam.

"I'm calling a do-over." "What are you, seven?" Great exchange there. Dean once again in denial about his fears over Sam. But Sam knows the truth. He knows Dean really is afraid. I'm sure this is going to come up again.

You gotta wonder why Ellen purposely sends Jo out of the bar so she can talk to the boys. Is it to protect her daughter from knowledge about the Demon? Maybe it's to eliminate temptation for Jo possibly getting involved in a hunt? I don't know. I'm just sure it wasn't just to get some beer.

Dean in protective mode: he doesn't want anyone else to know about Sam and the Demon. It's a "family thing" and he wants it kept secret. Sam pretty much tells Ellen everything. Is this a good thing? Maybe. In a way I'm glad they told her. She is right about the need for hunters to share information when it comes to something as big as the Demon. They are bound to need some help whenever the Demon shows up again. Without their dad they need some friends. And I think Ellen can be trusted with Sam's secret.

So all our former knowledge about the pattern of the Demon's attacks can be thrown out the window. Hmmmm. No way to track the special kids down. This is going to make life complicated.

I'll finish up by saying that next week's episode looks really creepy. I actually might get scared this time! *rubs hands together in anticipation* I hope the episode lives up to the promo.
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