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Sticky Post: SPN Season 5 Titles & Filming Dates

This list is for my own filmgeeky purposes, but I figured others might like to know as well.

Dates in italics & with a ? are my own best guesses and not from official announcements.
All other dates/titles provided by Spoiler TV, andreas_ri, and dean_sam.

Edit (12-11-09): According to deansdemongirl, the SPN production is on filming hiatus from Dec. 20th - Jan. 3rd.

5x01 "Sympathy For The Devil" - Filmed from July 2nd - 13th
5x02 "Good God, Y'all" - Filmed from July 15th - 24th
5x03 "Free To Be You And Me" - Filmed from July 24th - August 5th
5x04 "The End" - Filmed from August 6th - 17th or 18th (?)
5x05 "Fallen Idols" - Filmed from August 18th - 27th
5x06 "I Believe The Children Are Our Future" - Filmed from August 28th - September 9th (?)
5x07 "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" - Filmed from September 10th - 21st
5x08 "Changing Channels" - Filmed from September 22nd - October 1st (?)
5x09 "The Real Ghostbusters" - Filmed from October 2nd - 14th (?)
5x10 "Abandon All Hope" - Filmed from October 15th - 26th
5x11 "Sam, Interrupted" - Filmed from October 27th - November 5th
5x12 "Being Sam Winchester" "Swap Meat" - Filmed from November 6th - 18th
5x13 "Back To The Future II" "The Song Remains The Same" - Filmed from November 19th - December 2nd
5x14 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" "My Bloody Valentine" Filmed from December 3rd - 14th
5x15 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" - Filmed from January 4th - 11th or 12th (?)
5x16 "Your Whole Life Flashes Before Your Eyes" "Dark Side Of The Moon" - Films from January 12th - 21st (?)
5x17 "Your Time Is Gonna Come" "99 Problems" - Filmed from January 21st - February 1st (Start date is official, end date is my best guess)
5x18 "Point Of No Return" - Filmed from February 1st - 10th
5x19 "OMFG" "Hammer Of The Gods" - Filmed from February 10th - 23rd
5x20 "Let The Games Begin" "The Devil You Know" - Filmed from February 24th - March 5th (?) (Start date based on bodyguard4jandj info on Twitter)
5x21 "Two Minutes To Midnight" - Filmed from March 8th - 17th (?)
5x22 "Swan Song" - Filmed from March 18th - 30th or 31st (?)

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